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Juvenile Appearance Requirements

If you are a juvenile (under 17 years of age) and you have been charged with a Penal Code or City Ordinance violation including a traffic ticket, state law requires that you MUST appear in court with a parent or legal guardian. You may NOT pre-pay your fine. A juvenile who fails to appear in court may have his/her driver’s license suspended.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Tobacco charges must appear in court, these charges may not be pre-paid.


Warning: If you are paying your ticket online the ticket will not be processed for 24-48 hours.
*Texas Department of Public Safety Surcharge Warning A conviction of an offense under a traffic law of this state or a political subdivision of this state may result in the assessment of your driver’s license of a surcharge under the Driver Responsibility Program. For more information please contact Texas Department of Public Safety at (512)424-2000 or